Karmeleon eco hair Palm Cove. We believe the green movement is beautiful!

The Karma

Karmeleon eco hair in Palm Cove, Cairns came to fruition through our strong belief in Karma and the desire to preserve our environment. After years of being in the hairdressing industry, we realized just how many harmful chemicals were being used in the salon every day and the adverse affect they have on ourselves, our customers and our delicate eco system. Karmeleon eco hair Palm Cove is dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the hairdressing industry and the environment.

The Chameleon

We believe that one of the best things about being a hair stylist is the chance to work one on one with many individuals and being able to transform their look and image, much like the Chameleon changing it’s colours.


Karmeleon eco hair allows us to transform your look and express yourself, all while leaving a minimal impact on the natural environment. Using less toxic, ammonia free colours and organic, vegan friendly haircare products, we love to share our expert skills and all the latest trends with our tribe so every visit to the hair salon leaves you feeling more beautiful and empowered.

Welcome to the Karmeleon tribe xx

Environmentaly Sound

At Karmeleon eco hair Palm Cove, Cairns, we combine our passion for sustainable, environmentally friendly practices with our love of the hair and fashion industry. Our aim is to offer a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable option for our hair stylists, our guests and the earth.

Karmeleon eco hair use and recommend the world’s leading natural salon brands Oway and Natulique®. These companies strive to lead the way in ultimate ecological balance, health and wellness and environmental responsibility.

Oway Australia use organic and biodynamic ingredients in their hair colours, styling products and skin care. Beautiful blends of essential oils, phyto-proteins and nourishing butters are just some of the ingredients added. Fair trade, vegan, PPD free, ammonia free, risorcinal free, high quality. Oway also develop eco-sustainable projects and work hard to achieve easy recycling using glass and aluminium. Increasingly popular for use at home we are now increasing the Oway range in salon to complement our in-salon services of colouring and styling.

Natulique is a Denmark born company that develop natural and organic certified hair and beauty products in a safe and responsible environment. The Natulique professional, natural hair salon only range includes ammonia and paraben free colours that are one of the least toxic professional colour ranges available world wide. Natulique also offers organic certified, vegan friendly, eco friendly haircare and hairstyling products, that Karmeleon eco hair stylists use in salon and are available for purchase too. (check out Natulique’s webpage for more information, or come in and speak with one of our hairstylists)

Karmeleon eco hair are BIG on recycling! All our packaging from colour tubes used in salon to the shampoo bottles you take home with you, to the marketing material used for our products and services are made from recycled materials and are able to be recycled in your home recycling bin. Everything from the boxes our stock come in to all the foil we use to colour your hair is collected and sorted so as to ensure it is recycled.

We hope to see you soon at Karmeleon eco hair Palm Cove and that you will join us on this journey of enlightment and change and embrace the green movement with us.